Koda CrossFit Deer Creek


3825 NW 166th St

Suite #B17

Edmond, OK 73012

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Koda CrossFit Norman



No. We meet you where you are. As a coaching staff, we routinely discuss “case studies”, preparing for any and all fitness/activity levels. We’re ready. Are you?
Each class lasts an hour, barring any specialty classes. Every class is led by an experienced coach through a warm-up, prep for today’s strength/skill and clear explanations for “why” we’re doing this.
Yes! Two spacious, clean showers and a locker room.
We lift weights to challenge our posture and position. That’s a fancy way of saying we use weight to make functional movements like the squat, press, pull and lunge harder IN the gym so that they’re easier OUTSIDE of the gym.

Drop In Policy

We welcome drop-ins! Let us know you’re coming at: tre@kodacrossfit.com Your first time is always free, but feel free to buy a shirt. After your first visit, the drop-in fee is $20. We understand individualized fitness and have open gym as long as the gym is open. Our classes/member take FIRST priority though. You’re welcome to our auxiliary space as long as you don’t take away from the experience we offer our members.